The "Latin School" today

Centro di documentazione occitano esposizione Antichi Mestieri

The Scuola Latina (Latin School) is a local culture centre opened in 2006 and run by the Association "Amici della Scuola latina" (Friends of the Latin School) which deals mainly with:

The Scuola Latina belongs to the Ecomuseum of Mines and Germanasca Valley and to the Museum System of the Waldensian Valleys; It is also the seat of the Language Counter for the protection of the local minority languages (Occitan and French).

The new structure of the School includes:

The permanent exhibition "The old crafts" with the miniatures of the "Ferrero's Collection"

The Patouà Library, named after Professor Arturo Genre, for the collection of texts and to develop the knowledge of the local Occitan.

A Multimedia Centre named after Guido Baret, to be used to deepen topics concerning material and Occitan culture e for school workshops.

A Meeting Room, named after Professor Teofilo G. Pons, for conferences, workshops, debates, courses, projections, open to the population and to the cooperation with other cultural associations.